Source code released

Due to my absence and little-to-no time to fix nor update this mod, I’ve now uploaded both sources (MovieEdit and GTR) to GITHub.
If anyone would like to change the mod or enchant it, please go ahead. If you need any help, pointer or other, don’t hesitate to contact me.

The page is still up (aprox 1 more year) and running and can still be used if anyone wants to do a release, patch or whatever.

Source can be found here:

– Zhakal




Upcomming release

Since the release, there has been some issues and feedback have been given on things that should be addressed.

So after several hours of doing things to the game we’ve had some progress. Since a 0.71 release is a bit ahead, I’ll do a 70b release in a some days.

The following things will be included:

  • Added hud_showNames for removing focus name
  • Removed g_thinShaft
  • Added g_shaftStyle with different shaft styles. O – Normal, 1 – Thinnest, 2 – Thin
  • Removed g_tinyRail
  • Added g_railStyle with different rail styles. O – Normal, 1 – Tiny, 2 – Core, 3 – Twirl / Spiral
  • Changed default crosshair color (Black not visible after menu color changes)
  • Changed scoreboard item heights, so more then 10 players are working correctly
  • Added GUID to players & listplayers commands
  • MAC build
  • Fixed (hopefully) spectator disconnect on join
  • Maybe some more things…. ^^


First tricking / defrag map

Since we’ve added some new stuff since the release and done some fixing on the mod, it also should have at least another new map, TJ H0m3 Beta 3.

It may be old but we’ve added some new things to it, brushed it up and optimized it. So enjoy

Downloads can be found here



Some new maps

Since we did a release yesterday, and yes with some bugs and everything that is expected :)
It doesn’t mean we’re on the lazy side, so have started on adding some of the things that where missing on the initial release.
Meanwhile I’ve added the XDM pack consisting of two maps:

  • XDM1 – Back to the edge
  • XDM2 – Rabbit in your headlight

Will finish off some of the other maps in the upcomming days and upload these aswell.

The downloads can be found here


Release v070

After some annoying bugs at last minute with GUI, I had to fix those before a release.  The time set was around 20:00 GMT+2 but was more 2 1/2 h later :(

Since the overall mod is quite large (114 MB) it took some time to upload to the different hosts.

But it’s now online and availible for download via our download page.

GL and HF :)


Almost done with moving to new host.

We have now moved successfully over the our new hoster. Some new pages have been written and hopefully it will give a bit more info about certain situations.

The page for reporting “bugs and requests ” haven’t been published yet.  It will be hooked up to our Mantis bug reporting system, which will give detailed information about things being reported and worked on. The page “Development status” under information shows the roadmap from this reporting system and should after our first release be filled with more relevant information on then later upcomming releases. Then you’ll easier know what to expect, release date and more.

Overall the new pages should give pretty much 90% of the information you’ll ever need when playing GameType-Revolution and be a part of the Quake 4 community.

More pages will be added during the next couple of days. Release date is set to 06.05.2011, which will the the day we upload it to several host and give out the last information.


New homepage with new features

We are now proud to say we have our new host up and running. It will still take some time before it’s 100% done but we’re slowly getting there.

New info will pop up here fast as we are closing in on a release.

- zhakal -