New homepage with new features

We are now proud to say we have our new host up and running. It will still take some time before it’s 100% done but we’re slowly getting there.

New info will pop up here fast as we are closing in on a release.

- zhakal -


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  1. Roughael says:


    man you still have much faith investing in a new homepage.
    How far along are you ? Are there even some players left in the Q4 scene to play it ?
    The best of luck from an old member.

    p.s: Get done with it already, we don’t need another hero D.N.F.

  2. dam1ro says:

    all the active q4 players are in #spontanq4ctf (mirc)

    so download mIRC ore go to webchat.quakenet.org ( no www. )
    and join the room #spontanq4ctf =]
    cu soon

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