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Button Configs Binds Bind: _button1 _button2 _button3 _button4 Description: User defined buttons. See Button Configs for details. Hook Bind: _button5 Description: Offhand Grappling Hook

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Callvote Options

Gameplay gamemode Parameters: <String> [<String>] Values: “Name” ["Gametype"] Shortcut: gm traineemode Description:See si_traineeMode. Parameters:<Integer> Values: 0 – Disabled 1-10 – Enabled Shortcut: tm Miscellaneous altminspawnlimit Description: See g_altMinRespawnLimit. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: 0 – Disabled 1 – Enabled Shortcut: asl maxrespawntime Description: See g_maxRespawnTime. Shortcut: mrl spawntype Description:See g_spawnType. Parameters: <Integer> Values: 0-2 Shortcut: st teamdamage …

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Chat Tokens

Health/Armor Armor Token #a Description Your current armor value. Damaged by Token #D Description The last player which attacked you. Health Token #h Description Your health colored by value. Token #H Description Your health uncolored. Items Nearest Item Token #I Description The nearest item. Picked up Token #P Description The last item you picked up. …

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Client Commands

Coach coach Description: Accept a coach invitation. coachDecline Description: Declines a coach invitation. coachKick Description: Removes a previously invited coach from a team. coachInvite Description: Invites a player to coach the team. Teamplay teamlock Description: Allows to lock your team. teamunlock Description: Unlocks your team after locking it. Timeout time Description: Toggles the match status …

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Client CVars

View Effects cl_blood Description: Toggle the blood effects. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 1 0 – Off 1 – On cl_gibs Description: Toggle the playergib effects. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 1 0 – Off 1 – On cl_nomip Description: Makes shaft not effected by picmip settings. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 1 0 – Off 1 – …

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Enhanced or modified Q4Base CVars g_crosshairColor Description: Sets the color of the crosshair. Parameters: Values: “RRR GGG BBB” g_crosshairSize Description: Allows to set the crosshairsize in pixels. ValidValues: are from 2 up to 100. Parameters: Values: Default 32 2-100 g_showDebugHud Description: Allows to set the field of view in degress. ValidValues: in multiplayer are from …

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Heads Up Display (HUD)

Weapons hud_hitIndicator Description: Enable or disable the display of the hit indicator. Parameters: Values: Default 1 0 – Disable the hit indicator 1 – Enable the hit indicator hud_weaponSwitch Description: Where to display the weaponbar. Parameters: Values: Default 0 0 – Centered 1 – Left 2 – Right 3 – Centered CPM style HUD hud_fps …

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Referee Commands

Become a referee To become a referee you need to type: ref or referee followed by the referee-password for the server. I.e.: ref password Gamecontrol ref_allready Description: Sets all players to ready and starts the countdown/game. ref_allunready Description: Sets all players to unready. ref_abort Description: Aborts a running match. ref_restart Description: Restart a map. ref_map …

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Lighting r_forceAmbient Description: Allows to enable only ambientlights on the map (This will give an fps boost). Parameters: <Float> Values: Default 0.0 0.0 – Map default lightning >0.0 – Force ambientlight, the higher this value, the brighter the light will be r_useSingleLightColor Description: Variable which turns on / off single light effect Parameters: <Integer> Values: …

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Gameplay s_altHitsounds Description: Alternate hitsounds. Parameters: <Integer> Values: Default 2 0 – Q4 hitsounds 1 – Mogul’s hitsounds 2 – xgo’s hitsounds s_ambient Decsription: Enables or disables all ambient sounds in the map. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 1 0 – Disables the ambient sounds 1 – Enables the ambient sounds

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User Interface

Enhanced or modified Q4Base CVars ui_hitscanTint Description: Used to specify the color of your rail trail. Parameters: <String> Values: “RRR GGG BBB” – RGB value that is used to ink the rail trail User Settings ui_nick Description: A short name that is used to identify the user in the HUD, it may only be six …

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