III. – Converting image to avi

This tutorial is about converting your taken screenshots (jpeg or tga) from demos to AVI using VirtualDub

(Written by neRo)

After you haven taken screenshots from your demo (how to capture screenshots?) you have to convert them to avi to work with it later in your video software. most of the video software (premiere, vegas, after effects, etc etc) are able to import jpg/tga sequences but I think its the best way to convert the screenshots first and just import the avi as footage.

Open VirtualDub and import your jpg/tga sequence

Browse to the folder where the screenshots were saved


  • (C:/Quake 4/gtr/screenshots/avidemos/<filename>)
  • Open 00000000.jpg.

This can take some time according to the number of screenshots.

Now change the framerate to get normal speed:
Video -> Framerate… -> Change To 62.5 -> Convert to fps: 30

Now you can choose between umcompressed video (no quality loss but big filesize) or several codecs like divx, xvid and x264.

If you want to create only small clips you should use xvid or x264.

If you want to work with them (for example in vegas) i recommand to compress it with huffyuv to safe hdd space.

Huffyuv is a codec without quality loss and still decreases the filesize alot.

Video -> Compression… -> <choose your codec>

To finally get your avi, go File -> Save as AVI… -> <enter filename> -> <choose your destination folder> -> Save

I hope this little tutorial helped you to create avis for your movie/clips