Depending on the severity of the violations, there will be given a punishment.

  • The newcomer mistake “I’m new to pickup”:
    • You should have read the rules. You don’t do things without knowing it’s boundaries, same goes here.
    • Punishment: A kick + message to get your attention and what you did wrong.  (A short temporary ban if the administrators find it necessary.)
  • Not showing up to a game in time (noshow)
    • Don’t be late!! Try to be there withing 10 mins.  Please give a notice if you are being delayed.  If you don’t give a notice, you might face a noshow.
    • Punishment: Typical 1-day ban message in case you missed the game you signed up for and did not arrange a substitute!
  • Added for a game,the game is ready, but don’t feel like playing?
    • Get a substitute player!
    • Punishment: If you don’t get a substitute, 1 day (More if it happens often or circumstances demand it)
  • Ragequiting from server
    • Punishment: 1 day (More if it happens often or circumstances demand it)
  • Unnecessary trolling
    • Every channel has a troll, respect the feedback you get and stop when asked to.
    • Punishment: 1 day, 2 days, 1 week or longer, the choice lies with the administrator depending on how you’ve acted.
  • Ban-dodging
    • Punishment: 1 day will be added to the original punishment for each day you disrespect the punishment.

Administrators reserve the right to set or unset a ban when they see it fit, without granting favors!

If you feel you’ve been banned incorrectly, query a administrator and present them your case. We’re all humans and everyone makes a mistake now and then!