We have written some tutorials for certain aspects of GameType-Revolution.

  • How to make own coolskins

Camera mod

Installation Get the newest version of the camera mod Unpack the camera folder into your Quake 4 folder c:\quake 4\camera (not in baseq4 because camera is a mod!) Camera mod includes following files: ”’demos: you have to put your demos in this folder; includes an example demo (campath.netdemo)”’ ”’avinetdemo.scriptcfg: script for avinetdemo settings (going to …

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Coloring Coolskins

Introduction and buildup This guide looks into how coolskins are made and how to make them after a model has been created and textured correctly (finished model for baseq4) The coolskins consists of four different colors where they have been named in a specific way to make it easier to explain how it works: COLOR/NAME …

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Making own gamemodes

Description This will describe in steps what needs to be done to make an own GameMode. Initialize Steps Make a temp folder somewhere on your hard drive where you will start on making your own GameMode. Inside this folder make a new one called ‘gamemode’. Go then into this folder and make an empty text …

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This will describe how to use the new features that comes in GameType-Revolution in your map. This is made to help mappers out in using these new features. Teleport splitter Timerun Arena Oneflag How to port and scale a Q3 map

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