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Miscellaneous g_altMinRespawnLimit Description: Toggles the use of alternative minimum spawn times for players. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 0 0 – Off, Vanilla Quake 4 (3 seconds) 1 – On, Vanilla Quake 3 (1.7 seconds) g_instantWeaponSwitch Description: Toggles instant weaponswitch. Parameters: <Boolean> Values: Default 0 0 – Off, play raise/drop animations 1 – On, skip raise/drop …

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Overtime match_overtime Description: Specifies the type of overtime mode to handle in the case of a scoring tie in Team DM/CTF. Parameters: <Integer> Values: Default 1 0 – No overtime: matches can end in a tie 1 – Sudden Death: Match continues indefinately, first score wins (1v1/CTF default, quake4 default overtime handling) 2 – Sudden …

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Referee net_serverRefereePassword Description: Sets the password for in-game “referee” (admin) access. Parameters: <String> Values: Default “” “Password”

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Server Info

Gameplay si_gametype Desciption: The GameType to use. Parameters: <String> Values: Default “DM” DM, Tourney, Team DM, CTF, One Flag CTF, Arena CTF, Arena One Flag CTF, ClanArena, Duel, DeadZone si_gamemode Desciption: The GameMode to use. Parameters: <String> Values: Default “Q4″ “GTR” – GameType Revolution “GPM” – GameType Promode “RFM” – Railfest “XSV” – Exessive si_weaponMode …

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