Teleport splitter

In trick-maps you often want to start with right/left side vs the jump/trick area. Often these are gaps and other places where you can fall into and spawn at the same point again at the same angle if you don’t manage to pass the gap.

We are going to start making the spawn-points before the actual teleport trigger.

For this to work you need to make two info_player_teleport_# , these are spawn-points for the teleport.

Place them equally apart from each other and add the following key to it:

  • angle X

X is a number between 0 and 360. Now put in the angles so the appearing arrow point straight towards the other teleport spawnpoint.

After this is done you need to make a new entity target_teleportsplitter_# and place it between the two info_player_teleport’s and add the following keys to it:

  • target info_player_teleport_#
  • target1 info_player_teleport_#

This will link the splitter with the two teleport spawn-points.

The target_teleportsplitter_# also needs to be linked to a trigger_multiple_# which is the actual teleport and needs the following key added to it:

  • target target_teleportsplitter_#

This will connect the teleport with the teleport splitter, making you spawn with right/left side towards the obsticle.

  • _# is an automatic generated number, but can be changed manually.