Bugs & Requests


To be able to report a bug you need to make an account at our Mantis report tool and log in.

Once this is done you can browse around and report a bug.

When choosing the link ‘report issue’ you’ll be presented with the choice to choose which project you would like to report a issue to:

  • Gametype-Revolution – Related to the mod itself
  • Maps – Related to maps provided with GTR or maps wanted to be made.
  • MovieEdit – Related to the MovieEdit mod addon

Filling out a issue form

The fields will vary depending on which project chosen.

It is very important you fill out the fields as good as possible to make it faster to narrow it down and fix it.


Choose a proper category for the issue you are reporting.

  • Bug/Issue – Global issues that is hard to categories into any of the categories under
  • GameType – Issues related to any GameType’s, that makes it only happen in a given one
  • GameMode -Issues related to any GameMode’s, that makes it only happen in a given one
  • GUI / HUD – Things related to menu, scoreboards and HUDs
  • New Feature – Pretty self explaining but if we are missing a feature, choose this
  • Layout – Comments or feedback on a map layout
  • Request – If you want something ported from another Quake game, a remake or have drawings that can be made into a map


  • Always – The steps you do to reproduce will always work
  • Sometimes – The steps to reproduce the issue only works sometimes
  • Random – The steps to reproduce works randomly
  • Have not tried – The issue has happened, but you’ve not tried to reproduce/trigger it again
  • Unable to reproduce – It happens but you can’t do the steps to reproduce it
  • N/A – To be used with requests, layout and new features. Things that hasn’t anything to reproduce


  • None – Mainly should be used together with the category of new feature or a request.
  • Low – Things that happens very random, seldom, annoying and isn’t affecting anything on the gameplay
  • NormalDefault, and is in most cases the optimal and should be kept in 90% of the cases.
  • High – Affects the game in one way or another but a bit more then just annoying
  • Urgent – Affects the game a great deal, but not crashing or making it unplayable
  • Immediate – A crash or making the game unplayable

Product Version:

  • Choose the version of GTR that you are running and experience the issue on.

Assign To:

  • List of available developers, should be set to empty unless you’ve talked to a developer about the given issue and they’ve agreed to it.

Target Version

  • Which version you would like to see the issue fixed in. Developers will change this after investigation on the issue and depending on how long  it will take to fix it.


  • Short straight to the point information about the given issue, example: No announcer on 3-2-1 countdown


  • Description of what the current issue is, should be as detailed as possible.

Steps To Reproduce:

  • If you know how to reproduce the issue. What steps, in which order that is needed to trigger it, note it here.

Additional Information:

  • If you have something worth mentioning, add it to this field as supplementary information.

OS version:

  • The Operating system you run GTR on and experience the issue on.


  • Check the GameMode that the issue applies to. Does it only affect one, maybe more or all?


  • Check the GameType that the issue applies to. Does it only affect one, maybe more or all?

Link to screenshot / demo:

  • If you have uploaded a screenshot or demo somewhere and it would be useful to describe the issue, provide the address to the screenshot / demo in this field.


  • If you play on a online server you’ll choose Dedicated Online. If you use the .BAT files provided with the mods to host a local dedicated, use that. If you use neither one of these you’ll need to choose local listenserver.

Why all the fields and info, and no forum??

The reason is quite simple:  Easier to find the issue fast and narrow down where the issue is located.  If we didn’t get all this information, we could be spending a lot of time looking in wrong places and getting a fix for a issue would take a lot longer. So the more info we get, faster you will get a fix.

The reason for not having a forum to post bugs in is to make you part of the development. That way you can see what is going on, which bugs is getting worked at but also get info on what to expect in a release.